Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A thought enters the mind and we act on it or another thought says don't act on it.  Until a thought enters we can't act as there is nothing to act on.  Consiousness without a thought is like a computer without software.  The computer itself is effectively useless, it is a potential; it can't function until software is put in to tell it what to do and how to do it.  Thoughts are like that; so don't make the mistake of thinking that once self realisation has happened no thoughts will occur or that you'll be free from thoughts all the time.  There will be periods of time when you are thoughtless - indeed it happens to you now although you may not have noticed it.  But until a thought occurs - like 'I'll mow the lawn', or you happen to walk outside and see that the lawn needs mowing which triggers a thought saying 'I'd better mow the lawn' we can't we can't mow it.

In the moments when there are no thoughts it is very peaceful and in those times after realisation following the time of great desire to be free we can experience times of absolutely stillness, consiousness without any movement, not even a ripple; nothing, just pure awareness and that is beautiful - and don't forget that the desire to be free is, after all, just another desire.  But after a while we get seduced by the world again and why not?  It's a beautiful place.  It doesn't really matter whether we're thoughtless or not we just carry on with life understanding fully what we actually are, who we actually are and who we are not; it is the realisation that ends the suffering. 

Monday, November 28, 2011


Do I feel frustration, or am I frustration (in that moment)?  Any thing can cause it - this time it was receiving an over due bill from Telstra (telephone company) when I'd not even received the bill in the first place.  Trying to find 'your account' and logging on was impossible.  It just seemed to send me round in circles.  My wife, on the other hand, is able to see my mistake - yes mistakes still happen.  The more frustration I feel the more I insist on blaming 'them' and becoming blind to the possibility that I might have gone wrong some-where.  I think it feels better just to write about it....The mind just keeps tripping along.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The body it still subject to the world and it's effects.

The body it still subject to the world and it's effects.  Simply understanding who I am and the transformation that goes with it doesn't make the body impervious to age and infirmity.  Just the other day while re-building our bathroom and after jackhammering some concrete out of the floor I stood up and this simple act caused my lower back muscles to spasm,  v-e-r-y painful, as those of you who have had the same problem will know.  So I had to go to a doctor, pay and take the prescribed medications to help the healing process.  So now I have to let nature take it's coarse for a few days.  It's clear that it's the body and not me that this has happened to though.

I've just been visited by Jim of  http://www.jimdreaver.com/  ; he was visiting his brother locally and was told of me buy a mutual lady who attended one of his sessions and had previously emailed me and listened to a talk I gave in Fremantle, Western Australia.  As we sat under the large oak tree on this warm, sunny Spring day in the back garden and talked I was reminded of the similarities and differences of our awakening(s). Again it showed how the experience and circumstances of enlightenment is so common to all and yet so personal and subsequently expressed so uniquely.  Until today I had decided to not go on subscribing to my web site but Jim showed me that perhaps I should let it go on a bit longer so those out there who are still seeking freedom can have another angle, another perspective, another way of looking at the 'problem' - thank you Jim.