Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hi Roy,

Please tell me about the Dream. How does it work? If the dream is that of Awareness, and if Awareness is One, why so many different views? How is it that if someone can see the illusion, another can't, if we are all part of the same dream? What is your view about that?

Thank you,

The dream seems real because it is real in that we are experiencing it.  If I am depressed and life seems hopeless then depression is experienced and real (for me) and I consider suicide – it seems the best option.  UFOs are real to those who believe in them.  LSD produces an experience that is real for the person under the influence and when I dream at night they are absolutely real to me (and I love them) – until I wake up.  It’s the same with the dream you refer to - until we wake up (to the truth).  We share the dream – more or less.  It seems real because that’s all we know but when we get to see something truthful, some other view, then we realize that this world is nothing more than a dream. 

Ah, awareness is one but the world (the dream) seems to be many because those views are through the senses and brains of many people who have forgotten who they are and have taken on the belief they are the person and the person’s experience.  If we only ever sat in a cinema and watched an ongoing movie non-stop then pretty soon we would think that it was real – we would believe in it, we would get bored with remembering the silver screen.  I see and apparently live in duality – I the person, that is.  This brain generates a dualistic view and a marvellous one it is.  It seems very real and I play it out to the fullest but having seen the greater truth I know that ultimately this is not real and that the world actually appears in me (awareness).  We all see the illusion but some have come to remember who (or what) they actually are and have seen the truth (again), to see that the world is an illusion.

The difficulty you have is that you are trying to understand from a dualistic perspective because that’s what you’ve become accustomed to.  Once you have the non-dual view as well then it’s easy to understand.  Seen from Cory’s dualistic view the world seems real but remember that even Cory is part of the dream too.  You are the awareness that the dream appears in.  You are the omnipresent’ness viewing through Cory’s experience.

From the omnipresent perspective there is only awareness and so there is nothing else, no other, nothing different and no world, no time or space.  Everything that seems other than awareness is an illusion.  Since all there is is awareness then awareness must be omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent and so again all there is is awareness.


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