Friday, July 27, 2012

Seeker:-  I 've come across Suzanne Foxton:
She also made some videos, she very often says that there's nothing wrong with anything.

Me:-  Exactly, it is all as it should be – that doesn’t mean it’s nice or desirable.  Remember ‘nice’ and ‘desirable’ are dualistic.
Seeker:-  That made me wonder again about right/wrong, good/bad. It's something very hard to grasp.
Me:-  The dualistic mind will never understand since it goes on dividing and comparing.  You also have the ‘heavy’ catholic conditioning. 
Seeker:-  How is it possible to accept bad things as neutral? Isn't this kind of concept leading to indifference? 
Me:-  Yes, if it’s misunderstood.
Seeker:-  Can we let bad things unfold right before our eyes without doing anything, just because it is not real ultimately, and because right or wrong don't exist ultimately? If the answer is no, isn't it the proof that right or wrong exist? 
Me:-  In duality it does.  But look at how the mind is disturbing you by its division.  Peace will not come with the mind.  Mind is a great servant but a despotic master.
Seeker:-  We all (most of us) dream about a world of peace, with rainbows everywhere and the sun shining all the time (just kidding, but you know what I mean, no one wants to live in a devastated world in the middle of endless wars). Why? Is it just because we can't accept the reality as it is, or is it the proof that there's a sort of "good pattern" in the creation that is to be achieved? (I'm not sure the sentence is correct, I hope you understand :)) 
Me:-  The desire you talk of may come from the knowledge deep down that all is peaceful – that we remember the peace of non-duality from early childhood.  I grew up in the 60’s of love, peace and flower power but unfortunately the world is ruled by sick politicians who have no idea of anything other than what their minds tell them.  They are lost in their minds.
Seeker:-  In fact, I'm confused :)  This good/bad thing is a big issue. 
Me:-  Only from a dualistic perspective.  Identify the you that exists prior to mind and don’t worry about good/bad.

Seeker:-  And the "nothing happens" too. Why is it the use to live things if it's not real?
Me:-  Do you have a choice, is there a you to choose? 
Seeker:-  How can Awareness know itself on something based on an illusion? Very strange... :) 
Me:-  Awareness is aware of all that appears in it.  Remember that awareness is non-dual (not separate) and so it is intimate with all, it is all so it knows immediately.  There is no separation – separation is an illusion.

Seeker:-  And the questions go on and on...  
Me:-  The mind asks a question and gets one answer then heaps more questions – is there a god, yes, why, where is he, what does he look like, which language does he speak.  Did god create the world, yes, why and why on that day, and what was the time – Monday morning, Thursday.  Why did he choose to create it that day and not the next or an eon before or after and what has he been doing since.  He was said to work for six and then rested and it seems he’s done nothing since.  What sort of a roll model is this.  Why does there have to be a god any way, are we so afraid of being responsible for our actions?  Do we need a god to blame, to justify our actions? 
Seeker:-  but maybe there's nothing wrong with it either :)


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