Monday, December 12, 2011

If a non-seeker is asked about their thoughts, they would probably say that they are in a logical sequence from one thought to the next and I would have assumed that too.  But experience (during my seeking years) showed me that thoughts are extremely random and some-times the most tenuous association will trigger the next thought, and some-times something in the vicinity will interfere and cause that to be the next one; some-times there's no apparent connection.  This appears to be a strange way for a mind to work but evolution has a way to save the best or at least the one that works.  However I've come to see that, in fact, this is a very cleaver process that a series of thoughts now, with the slightest connection to some-thing I need to do today, but that I'd forgotten, will remind me.  This process of watching the mind is called thought awareness and will overcome the beliefs we normally believe in and show us just what a belief is.


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