Sunday, July 24, 2011

The new age system has given us many gems, helped us along, hopefully past that system to a greater truth and on to Advaita and the final understanding.  One of the side issues is that we're told that we're some how wrong and that we should be living in the moment.  Interesting, because how can we live in anything but the present moment?  When else can we live but right now?  How can we live tomorrow or yesterday or yesteryear?  The arrow of time is relentless and pointing in only one direction.

But even though we are told we're not living in the present we continue to 'do our thing', to go to work as if life were eternal, as if this life will be never ending even though many of us are not happy or even hate our jobs.  Every day doing something we don't like is one less day we'll live - one more missed opportunity to live to the fullest to do what we do.  When our time is up, our three score years and ten we cannot borrow more time like we borrow more money - to tide us through.

The fact is we do live in the moment, we are doing exactly the right thing.  The trick is to stop worrying about it, to stop beating ourselves up, to stop punishing ourselves and thinking there is some thing wrong with us, that there is some thing else that we should be doing.  No, we're doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing - even the worry is is what we're supposed to do when we're doing it.  And we'll continue to do it until we stop.

Not only is this reality a dream, not only are 'we' part of that dream but the whole spiritual journey that we think we're on is part of that dream too.  In the end this is nothing but God dreaming and dreaming that he is us - and is there any greater dream to have.


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