Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Audio CD update

I've managed to write the CD into the website and one form of payment but now I'm looking into using 'paypall'. Does anyone have a better method, or have expeience with paypall?

Monday, September 27, 2010

New CD

I've just completed recording an audio CD which I expect will sell for around Au$25 + $4 P & P. I just have to work out how to make payments possible.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We have been taught to learn - in order to survive, get a better job and earn more money and, although learning is important when it comes to Advaita just learning isn't enough. When we are interested in Advaita it becomes automatic to learn something from the books and web sites but if that hasn't hit the spot then more learning probably isn't going to do it.

What's needed is correct learning, a fresh perspective. Learning is of the mind but the mind is the wrong tool for this job. And current knowledge of yourself and existence hasn't brought satisfaction, that's why you are still seeking. More knowledge isn't going to work, since it's just more of the same and more is never enough. In normal life the more we learn of a subject then the clearer will be the understanding as it all comes together. That's not the same in this subject. Advaita is a quest for a totally new perspective, a totally different understanding. The key to the door of the end of the search to this seemingly endless seeking is to know who you are - not just learning about what others say about Advaita in the hope that 'if I learn enough then one day I will understand, and be satisfied'.

Once you know who you are you cease to believe in who you currently think you are and you will then be dealing in reality. And, then your whole understanding will re-align itself in truth, instead of illusion.

Read if you wish but the focus must be on 'who am I?' Try to identify who is the witness of your life, from where you are watching. A closer look will reveal a momentary space between the witness and the witnessed and you will notice that you are the one watching - the ever present witness.