Monday, August 06, 2012

Me:-  Stilling the mind will slow its intensive activity and bring some peace with it.
Seeker:-  “
It stops when I observe it carefully, it's strange, why is it that it stops when being observed?”

Me:-  Yes strange isn’t it?  Be thankful as it gives you a way in.  It’s the same with pain; it reduces with observation especially psychological pain.  An old friend used to say that when we resist (psychological) pain it’s like putting our finger on the pause button (on a cassette or DVD player) of life.  We don’t get rid of it but simply pause it thereby insuring that it will be there bothering us, in the background, again and again for much longer – until we confront it fully.  Bhagwan used to say "the difference between you and I is that I’ve felt all of my pain".

Frustrating isn’t it – what Harry ( said – but absolutely true.  It’s just an example of knowing from a non-dualistic point of view.  I remember how it was.  It’s a bit like dreaming; in my dreams I totally believe it – until I wake up.  This is the same – until awakening.
Yes a paradox indeed; there is nothing to do but doing nothing produces nothing and doing something will stop it happening but nothing happens unless we do something.  Ramesh Balsekar described it as we all have so many steps to climb but don’t know how many – i.e. you might have 2937 steps towards enlightenment; also you don’t know how many you’ve already climbed.  You just keep climbing up and up because you have no choice.  Every step is another insight and then reveals the next challenge; we just keep on climbing and it’s gradual.  Then one day we take the last step, and it’s sudden – you’re there!  The process is gradual but the arrival is sudden.

Seeker:-  “I've read a lot of enlightenment stories, every one of them had a teacher, went to satsangs, and all these things, or listened to John Wheeler, or something, none of them awakened then spontaneously all of a sudden one morning without having thought about it before it happened”.
 Me:-  The effort to understand is of the ego (and something much deeper) and the ego can’t come to know.  Not thinking about it brings the chance of the truth (that as always there) to surface all on its own.  I read the same story about The Buddha; he went to the best teachers in the land for years, almost killed himself renouncing food but it was only when he gave up and relaxed under a Bodhi tree that it all happened for him.  In my case I was reading John Wheeler’s website when it happened.

The mind will tell you some interesting stuff; it’s just doing it’s best to help.

Seeker:-  Maybe I'll understand later, but for the moment, from where I am at, it's totally impossible.
Me:-  Yes, it is.  That’s why you need some-one outside your mind, to guide you.  The mind can’t work it out by itself.

Seeker:-  It makes me wonder if watching the mind isn't a bit dangerous, in the sense of that it could lead to have two fragmented personalities?
Yes, it is dangerous – to the mind.  The mind says fragmented personalities but it’s not fragmented it becomes integrated.  There will be two understandings – the dual and the non-dual.  But there will be no problems in there being two and there will be no conflict.  It’s strange how gaining a second understanding brings non-duality.

I believe my dreams because that’s all there is at the time and so the mind’s (daily) creation is the same.  Watching closely slows it down and allows the space between thoughts to be experienced.  That puts thoughts into perspective.  When you can sit in the stillness first there is nothing happening although a closer look at that reveals a rippling effect in consciousness – like on a pond in a very light breeze – the surface isn’t entirely still.  Later this settles down and becomes like looking in a mirror with no movement at all – just pure reflection.  This is the ‘state’ of awareness and yet full self knowledge, a full sense of presence and detachment from the daily mind stuff.  This is how I see the difference between consciousness and awareness.  Consciousness is more human while awareness is what we are – the absolute.  Being aware(ness) with the sense of presence – knowing the ‘I AM’ without the mind’s interference.

Be still and know that I AM.


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