Sunday, June 05, 2011

We made a family birthday trip this weekend.  Tania's uncle was 70 and about 100 family & friends got together from around the state to meet, celebrate and have a good time.  It took us 5 hours to drive there, yesterday returning home today.

We live in a very quiet corner of the state in a small, peaceful town of about 600 people and both work in busy jobs in other, larger towns during the week.

We drove yesterday talking, listening to music and wondering what the week end had in store for us.  This morning was a continuation but after the talking there was individual quiet contemplation, often on the same subject or person.  Then it got interesting as this phase was followed by and the reason I'm typing this.  As we travelled along gently winding roads through some very attractive farming countryside I observed the mind continue to quieten until there were no thoughts left at all - just stillness, mental silence.  The intersting thing was that once the thoughts stopped the 'space' was filled with the most sublime feeling, a feeling of true reality instead of the unreal world created in mind.  There were feelings from childhood, memories of experiences and a general state of beingness.

I'm sure this is common to all of us sometimes but gets lost when unrecognised.  To watch the mind games and get familiar with it's antics from a witness point of view makes all the difference.

The journey was then even better because of the wind down phase that had preceded it.

I once worked through  (most of) the book Learn to draw with the right side of the brain.  This helped me change brain sides and to distinguise which 'brain' I was in (was dominant).  The sensation was very different once pointed out with cleaver drawing processes.  After that time I found I could at will change brain side and observe how the world looked and it was a surprisingly different experience swapping from side to side. Artist would know this well.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

On television this morning there was an article with a photograph of a piece of toast that was burnt with a very slight similarity to the face of Osama Bin laden, who was killed just a few weeks ago.  This piece of toast was held up as some kind mystery, why the face.

Clearly, to me, this was just a piece of burnt toast with a face-like image in the burns.

The mind is always refering to memory to try to make sense of images we see in our every day life and the burns were in some way similar to pictures we have seen on tv over the past few years.  This was one reference the memory had come up with.

There is no mystery, it's simply a piece of toast.  But, to people still caught up in the illusion of self they are still heavily influenced by beliefs.  Questions arise in the mind as to what this piece of toast could signify.  Unfortunately these beliefs are taken to be truths and when it comes to religions these same poeple compare their beliefs and will even kill to maintain these beliefs and to try to prove that their beliefs are better than the next person's.

Since that day when I realised my true nature life has become incredibly simple.  Things are seen for what they are.  There are no hidden meanings.  But until then there seems to be hidden meanings in lots of things - events of the day, chance meetings, conspracies.  Did man really go to the moon, is the world flat?  These are just silly questions from a mind that thinks it's in control and has been given too much control and is still functioning on beliefs.

The sudden realisation of the true self reveals events as they are.  It shows life in it's start, clear truth.

Life is what it is.  A piece of burnt toast is a piece of burnt toast.  There is no need to have mystery any more.