Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some times people ask me what it's like to be self realised; an understandable question for the seeker. The question pre supposes that something has happened to me.  On the surface it seems logical to think that 'I' am having a different experience now.

What is important to understand is that there is no 'I'.

Self realisation is not reaching a point or achieving some goal but the simple realisation of the truth, of the fact that I am awareness that witnesses this experience and that the 'I' that I thought I was doesn't actually exist - and never did.  There is actually no-one here experiencing this experience although, alternatively you could say that awareness or even god is experiencing this human experience, that experience, the cat or dog experience.  As Ramana said 'all there is, is god'.  There is no-one here having this experience; the experience is sufficient in & of itself.

So, am I having a different experience from what I used to have - no, but this experience is now free from anguish, free of confusion, wondering, seeking and feeling that something is wrong.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

following the last blog

My last blog shows both the unreality and the unreliability of both time and our experience.  Through thick & thin our experience is usually regarded as solid and true but is actually not a reliable benchmark or guide to what the truth might be.

'I' (no-one or God) was experincing a human experience of two different time zones simultaineously.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Recently I was on a flight from Brunei to Dubai, we were about to land and I'd just watched Leonardo De Caprio in the film Inception where he enters other's dream worlds with the associated time warp effects that dreams produce The captain had informed us of the local time.  This body was on Perth (Western Australia) time experiencing Dubai/Perth time.  Since I was in Dubai then Perth time was unreal and yet my body was functioning on Perth time re; meals & sleep and so to my experience Dubai time was unreal.  Everyone on the plane was having their own unique experience.

Everything experienced is both real & unreal simultaneously.  I was experiencing the reality & unreality of two different time zones simultaneously.

Any teaching from church, monastery, religion is attractive to the mind.  But they prevent us from knowing ourselves, knowing the truth by keeping the mind focused outside of ourselves.  The mind becomes a donkey following the promise of a carrot but delivering nothing other than promises.

We have to be willing to stand alone and explore our own nature, our understanding and beliefs; to be an individual and not a sheep, following those that follow the followers.

If you want to know the truth you have to find the self, to answer the question - 'who am I'.  Religion can be a distraction that keeps you looking over there instead of here.  The true self has been covered over by the belief in the 'I' & "Me".

As soon as the truth is uncovered (dis-covered) then reality is revealed and peace follows.

If you question, examine, enquire into your life, what you will find is that what is at first assumed to be rock solid is actually not so; like foot prints on water they disappear; all vague concepts.  What will happen as you question all the assumed truths in your life is that you must eventually come to the truth.