Sunday, January 13, 2013

Recently I allowed the 'beyondseeking' website to lapse as it was costing me money with no direct rewards except for the occassional seeker asking questions.  I'm still open to recieve questions or even visits to Albany Western Australia - just phone to get details.  0898444750 or 0434721117.  I still have my first CD for sale if you would like some more direct speaking.

Good morning to you all.  A busy time it has been indeed.  Firstly I researched and visited Mumbai (India for the first time).  Mumbai is a modern cosmopolitan city (around the tourist parts).  I want to see the more earthy out of the way parts.

Then on to England for some family visiting.

Our house had been up for sale and after six weeks we were successful so more packing.  We moved to a rented houes and started looking for our new home while trying to live with the minimal amount of items and finding our way about in the new city.  'We found it' and then the long six week wait to move in.  Nice to be settled again although the place is still a bit of a mess.  The climate here is great and people very friendly.  The computers are once more active.  The only temporary device was the ipad that Tania bought; it kept us connected to the world.

The main events on a more spiritual level have been to simply watch emotions that surface, don't judge, risist or fight with them; they are just passing flotsome & jetsom.  Remember 'this too will pass'.  Now I'm adapting to retirement although I do want to retain some sort of part time work.