Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The silent no thingness of our true nature.

It's been many months since I last felt the need to write. Since then the dream of life has been what it's been. Consciousness is quiet and awareness is silent and still. There's nothing that needs be said and there's nothing that has to be done. Isn't this nice after all those years of turmoil, of trying to make sense of our lives? Even after self realization when the true self is known - by no-one there is the urge to share with other's, to 'help' other seekers. It's all just the way it is and of course there is no-one to do anything about it at all; the dream plays itself out the way the dream plays out. That's the point and fruition of self awareness - to see what I am and what I am not and that there is no 'me' here in control. This brings the knowledge that enlightenment is freedom from the idea of an individual and not freedom for the individual.

One of the difficulties for the seeker, however determind, is that we view what we read and hear from a 'me' perspective as this is what is normally thought of as our identity; we've been taught this for all our formative years. The teacher has come to realize there is no me in fact, that the human and it's life is nothing more than a dream and that what I am in fact is awareness itself - the awareness of the human and it's experience; they both are appearances in awareness. The 'me' perspective distorts the message. This is made all the more difficult by the writer using the word 'me'. Which me is being spoken about here? Me, is used in the conventional sense and point to the true me - the ultimate identity - that which I, and you, have always been, are now and will always be.

Dispite the difficulties encountered and the many years of searching and frustrations don't give up as more & more websites pop up from seekers who have discovered the universal truth. These are testament to the fact that the truth is alive and well and not just some story from the past writen on parchment.