Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dualistic language

One of the most difficult, indeed impossible, things to do is to express non-duality with language. The very nature of language is dualistic. The inherent problem is that any attempt, through words, to express what it is that which 'we' are is misleading and the more we try to get this message across the more is given the impression that what is being pointed to is difficult, complex or mystical and there's nothing further from the truth. Non-dualistic pointers are to the simple fact that awareness is the basis of our total experience and hence awareness is what we are.

Stephen Wingate in this talk expresss it very clearly in podcast no.12 (A conversation with Stephen Wingate-part 2) at

The international calling.

Even in my youth I felt an international pull. I lived in England and in the sixties the pop scene was a lively & developing one, unfortunately there were not the radio stations to listen to the music then. One reliably good station was Radio Luxemburg but this was only able to be heard adequately enough after about 10 pm and would phase in & out terribly. Soon after that the pirate stations started to broadcast from ships outside the Territorial waters of England in international water until the government jammed then and eventually shut them down altogether. They were exciting times.

I knew of 'ham' radio with which opperators could speak to each other around the world on short wave, but I wasn't an electronics freak so that was out of the question.

Electronics have advanced so much these days that we can have 'blogs' and websites. I find it constantly fascinating to review visitors to both my website and blog, where they come from and how long they stay, although I don't get adresses or names. Eg this month I see that people as far as Iceland and South Africa have recently accessed my website, and my blog from China.

That feeling that I belonged to the international world and not just my out little neighbourhood has come to fruition.