Friday, December 30, 2011

Identity true/false.

The need to know the truth and persistent close, self observation will reveal your true nature.  Once seen, a complete transformation takes place.  For the first time you know who you are and know that previously, like most of the population of the world, you only had beliefs of who you are, false beliefs, misidentifications. Relaxation, peace and the understanding that life is what it is take over, what happens is what happens and that life plays out the way that it plays out.

Questions from seekers reveal the continued misidentification.  When a seeker is informed that what he is is awareness itself they will invariably ask what do you have to be aware of?  This immediately informs that the seeker is continuing to identify as some-one, some-one who is or can be aware and who has choice instead of the fact that he is the awareness itself and that who he previously identified as is in fact only an appearance in that awareness (that he/she is).

If there is importance it is that the seeker continues to suffer.  So continue to look closely and question your 'truths' as all untruths will be revealed as such under close scrutiny.  If you need guidance then write to the author or any other Advaitic.  Feel free to contact me via my website if you wish.

Monday, December 12, 2011

If a non-seeker is asked about their thoughts, they would probably say that they are in a logical sequence from one thought to the next and I would have assumed that too.  But experience (during my seeking years) showed me that thoughts are extremely random and some-times the most tenuous association will trigger the next thought, and some-times something in the vicinity will interfere and cause that to be the next one; some-times there's no apparent connection.  This appears to be a strange way for a mind to work but evolution has a way to save the best or at least the one that works.  However I've come to see that, in fact, this is a very cleaver process that a series of thoughts now, with the slightest connection to some-thing I need to do today, but that I'd forgotten, will remind me.  This process of watching the mind is called thought awareness and will overcome the beliefs we normally believe in and show us just what a belief is.