Thursday, July 11, 2013

Q & A

Q.  There are people like Tony Parsons, who are constantly repeating there is non-one, there is nothing to do, no matter which questions are asked! 
You say he shows no compassion, that's what I thought too, but maybe he doesn't remember how painfull it was to be a seeker!
‘Roy’ Yes, that’s probably partly true too but it was a long time ago that things happened for me and I’m sure I’ve forgotten just how painful it was but still I can feel the pain in that interviewer.

Q.  All of these differences between the teachings, and all these little "wars" are very confusing for the seeker, because it's not non-dual. How can non-duality can be taught while denigrate others? (I saw it many times on "non-dual" sites). It puzzles me :)
‘Roy’ Once the truth of our nature is seen then that is the same for everyone but as people are different then the expression in trying to teach that is different – they are all pointing at the same insight.  And as you say it’s not non-dual; true, but we are dealing in paradox here and not absolute facts.  So, as I’ve said before this isn’t a teaching like we learnt in school – 1+1 = 2.  Although you probably feel that you are one being your experience of the world is dual – up/down, hot/cold etc.  In the non-dual experience of the true self it is known as one with no opposites so there is no separation, no conflicts and no other.  Again, this isn’t a teaching to learn and believe; it is a search for the true self and then all is understood.  The experience of self is satisfying and non-dual – and – the earthly human experience continues, in a dualistic world – and this is where the apparent differences are.

Q.  Who's really telling the truth?
‘Roy’ So again, it’s not about telling the truth of knowledge, it’s about finding the truth of your true nature.  There are many different personalities; some of the teachers understand and others think they understand some seekers are only satisfied with the truth while others are happy to learn something and think they know, some are confused and others just want fame and money and will do anything to con you.  Unfortunately there are charlatans who will take advantage of you and it’s a bit of a mine field but I guess it’s all ‘grist for the mill’ – if you know the term.  I met an old friend a few years ago who I knew while doing my seeking and he seemed rather happy with himself so I asked him “are you enlightened” and he said “yes, I think I am”.  I immediately knew that it hadn’t happened for him but of course couldn’t tell him as it would have sounded like I was putting him down or playing one upmanship.  If a person says they are enlightened they are most probably not as that shows they still think there is someone to become enlightened.  The true enlightened couldn’t answer with a yes or no to that question as they know there isn’t actually anyone here who could possibly become enlightened in the first place.  Once enlightenment happens first we know who we really are and then know that the person we thought we were doesn’t exist – he (in my case) is an illusion only.  By saying I am an illusion I don’t mean this body/mind, I mean the ‘me’ I thought was in control of this body/mind.  There isn’t anyone in control of this body, it’s programmed to look after itself.

(Previose comment by Roy).  The main difficulty for you is that you can only view from a ‘me’ perspective
Q.  Yes of course, the whole problem boils down to that :)
‘Roy’  So find this ‘me’ you think you are.

(previous statement by Roy).  The real you is the absolute who is looking for someone else
Q.  If my real you is the absolute, how can it be that yours knows it's the absolute, and mine doesn't, since the real me and the real you are the same "thing"? :)
‘Roy’  Yes the real me and you are the same – no separation.
The real you & me is quiet, compassionate & patient, it has nothing to prove.
Once the brain develops to be able to understand in a conceptual form then the ego is created – it’s a false identity and thinks it’s real and in control.  The true you isn’t in any kind of competition to be in control since it’s been around for ever, is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.  The ego tries to make out it’s powerful and important simply because it is not and as you’ve seen causes all sorts of problems.  The search undermines the ego and gradually weakens it – that’s why it’s so important to look for the ‘me’ that claims to be in control and to practice thought awareness.  There comes a point where it is seen what you really are and the ego then takes its rightful place as a servant instead of thinking it’s the master.

Simply thinking about the question is part of the search.



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