Friday, April 23, 2010

Re my blog April 18th. Some realized people try to only talk from a non-dual perspective, they can be a little precious about their 'enlightenment'. This is just another belief systen, ego coming in through the back door.

The body/mind continues to function just as it always had and continues to use language and all language is dual. As long as it's explained that language is dualistic & conceptual then there's no deceit.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

From which shore?

There is a difficulty when talking of non-duality. For a start non-duality cannot be talked about so any attempt is only a pointing towards the truth and never the truth in itself.

I am presented with the dilema - which perspective should I talk from. Most books and websites on non-duality or Advaita talk from the non-dual, after the realization perspective, as if to draw the seeker onward; the carrot before the donkey concept ( please don't take that personally or literally). That's fine but there's a danger that the listener/reader is hearing from a dualistic 'me' perspective and left with their mind trying to understand and this can bring in more and more concepts - of what life is imagined to be like after self relization.

Quite often, and in at least one page of my website I talk about me the person who was seeking. I do this so it's easier for the seeker to relate and feel at one with this person , and his story, who stepped over the line. If you relate to me and my story and also know that I understand, then it's easier to travel 'with' me rather than to feel all alone out there.

If I have crossed a broad river by wading through the turbulent water, look back and see you on the other shore, then it's of little comfort to say to you it's ok you can do it if you didn't watch me cross in the first place. But, if I return through the water and stand by your side then you are more likely to walk with me as I cross - we are doing it together.

In my last days before understanding, there was a looking and questioning of what I expected life to be after the understanding and I honestly didn't have a clue. Sure there had been many thoughts and concepts but the truth was I just didn't know. For me the knowing soon followed. I say this because it's important to be very honest in you search.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life provides.

Life provides.

The Rolling Stones sung:- you don't always get what you want but you will find some day you get what you need.

Normally we think that we are in control and never question it; it certainly seems that way. This causes the familiar stress of not quite ever getting enough and what I have observed is that the more people get then the more insecure they are and want even more; it's a trap. As has been said many times 'money will never make you happy', if in deed happiness is what we want...... but what is it that we actually need?

If we step out of the 'rat race' and relax (and we usually do relax) what I have found is that life works on it's own account; life provides. There is seen to be a natural logic, a natural flow - 'going with the flow', it's often expressed as. It might not be what you thought of or ever wanted but it works. After all, trying to swim upstream isn't very intelligent - it's hard work and gets you no-where but resting on your back and floating along takes you quite effortlessly to where the current flows.

Jealousy and effective comunication.

Jealousy can happen whenever competition is present :-
if I want to be the best dressed person I compare myself with others then I feel jealous of someone else's better attire. If I have a girl or boyfriend and some-one else wants that person then I feel jealous to show that I 'own' and will compete to 'keep' that person.

Jealousy is a byproduct of competition so when we feel jealous we can deduce that we are competing (for something) at some level.

Competition is an automatic mental process of assessing someone or something else, judging and comparing (with me) - wanting to be one or the other or to own. Instead of being with that person this whole process gets in the way of simple communication. So, if we are suffering jealousy it means we are not communicating effectively.