Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jealousy and effective comunication.

Jealousy can happen whenever competition is present :-
if I want to be the best dressed person I compare myself with others then I feel jealous of someone else's better attire. If I have a girl or boyfriend and some-one else wants that person then I feel jealous to show that I 'own' and will compete to 'keep' that person.

Jealousy is a byproduct of competition so when we feel jealous we can deduce that we are competing (for something) at some level.

Competition is an automatic mental process of assessing someone or something else, judging and comparing (with me) - wanting to be one or the other or to own. Instead of being with that person this whole process gets in the way of simple communication. So, if we are suffering jealousy it means we are not communicating effectively.


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