Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wrong identification.

From a 'me' perspective there appears to be a problem, something needs to be fixed - seeking ensues and the mind tells us that enlightenment will be the solution - one day. In fact the me is an illusion and doesn't actually exist. It's a conditioned belief that takes many years to develop. When the me is seen to be non-existent then there remains the I AM which cannot be denied but also can't be found because it's a no-thing, it's pure subjective awareness and in that awareness thought's, feelings and the world appear & disappear. From a 'me' perspective a solution will never be found for several reasons. First, the me being an illusion is a false basis to look for anything. Second, the me doesn't actually exist so how can it even look for something. Third, there isn't actually a problem in the first place - it only appears that way from a limited me point of view. Fourth, seeking implies the future and time and anything that appears & disappears is impermanent. Fifth, it's the omnipresent awareness that is witnessing all, so how can it witness itself. No. The only problem is that awareness has become identified with the content of mind, the me, instead of remaining as it truely is. All that needs to happen is for the awareness to once more understand what it is and end the wrong identification. Problem solved.


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