Thursday, March 02, 2006

No chooser, no choice.

We appear to make choices every day but, self realization reveals there is no one here - just impersonal awareness with objects and experiences appearing in it. The experience of human-ness goes on but there is no-one to experience it - just the experience. Experience without an experiencer. If there's no experiencer - no 'me' then who makes the choices. Choices are made by the unique individual programming - the needs and reactions of the human. The human needs food for maintenance and energy. The body creates an experience of hunger and it, through it's programming, seeks food to allay the discomfort. It's automatic. It doesn't require a third party to decide. I was a seeker - it wasn't my choice. It's part of the programming - it was destined. This body/mind organism was programmed to be a seeker and it set out to allay the suffering. When self realization happened the seeking stopped and the suffering ended. There is now no, or ever was, a separate individual entity called 'me' guiding this human. The programming is self determining.


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