Sunday, February 12, 2006

Who am I.

Who am I. Not who I take myself to be, or who I believe or assume myself to be. But who am I - really. Am I this body? If so then how much of me would be deleted if say a leg was surgically removed. That would be about one fifth of my body mass. Does that mean that I would only be four fifths of a person, or that every fifth word I spoke would be missing or I would have only four fifths of the original memory, earn eighty percent of my wages?

Am I my name? Then who would I be if I changed my name? Would I be a different person then with different memories.

Am I my profession and then I changed my job. Who would I be, a different person?

Am I my memories? Then who is it that's remembering them and am I a different person as my memories change over the years?

Who, or what is at the centre and where is that centre? Obviously changing any of the above wouldn't change the me I know myself as. So what is the self? The mind will find many answers to that question but none will finally satisfy. Actually the mind will never find the true self because it's completely out of it's terms of reference. It needs a complete paradigm shift to understand it. The mind will never find the answer simply because the mind is just another appearance in awareness - another object and not the subject. It's like my Toyota car understanding the factory and staff that built it. The created is not capable of knowing the creator. The mind is not capable of knowing the awareness it appears in. The mind is the wrong tool for the job. So, for a moment, stop the mind and just be, and then notice that you are still in existence - you still are. Then it's seen that the true you is not at all defined by the mind.

'BE STILL and know that I AM"


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