Monday, January 16, 2006

With clarity & simplicity.

After enlightenment, or self realization life goes on as before unchanged and completely changed. When it's clearly seen that what is, is awareness and that everything appears in that awareness the view becomes one of total simplicity. It's also totally obvious that the awarenes is what 'I AM' and you are. There has to be awareness first & foremost (not that there's any order to it) or nothing could be known. Without awareness there's nothing. What is unchanged is the 'body/mind' programming. That goes on unchanged - it continues until it's supposed to change, or end. What changes is the view. Before, we think we have to do something - to make it all work. Afterwards, we see that awarenes is and that we have no control over what thought pops up - or not. It just all happens. We think we are doing it, because and only because, we (as awareness) are identified with this body/mind. We think this is what we are. So, for example, when the body feels hunger and that hunger triggers a movement to get food - as it's designed to. The mind works out how to get the food that's needed. It's after the fact that we (what's referred to as the ego) claim that we decided to get the food. But you see it was not us who decided to be hungry in the first place. My outward life hasn't changed, because what this body/mind is doing is exactly what it's programmed to do. I can't change my genetics or the influences of the country or time I was born into. That is the main programming that this body follows. There are some constant small changes that go on happening but by & large it's pretty well fixed at conception. There's nothing wrong with that. The imagined problem is when we (awareness) become identified with this body that we start to think it should be some other way. If I was truly in charge of my life I would have an I.Q. of 140, would be a multi-millionaire, would always look about 35 years old with a fittness of a 25 year old, would have a light sun tan, a full head of hair and a perfect set of white teeth, would be ably to speak many languages, play any musical instrument, have a beautiful singing voice and a magnetic personality. BUT, not one of these things is true. In light of the facts how can I possibly claim to be in control.

Appearances come and go and are not at all under 'my' control. That is a concept we're fed with from an early age - you're responsible for how your life pans out, we're lead to believe. The idea that I'm not in control was a hard idea for me to accept when I first read Ramesh Balsekars book 'Consciousness Speaks'. I knew he was telling the truth - or should I say I knew it was a valuable pointer he was giving me. First 'I AM'. And I am awareness and that doesn't change but we do gradually become identified with concepts of who we're told we are from an early age. That's where it all begins to go wrong.

When self realization takes place (and that's not in your hands either) it all becomes incredibly simple and clear. Then there are reminders from time to time (as it were) of just simply watching the appearances come & go. And marvelling at the differing patterns of energy that appear. This understanding brings clarity & simplicity and a beauty beyond measure.


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