Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hello world.

As I may have said before my life mainly stood for the seeking that seemed to go right through from childhood. I had a pretty standard way of viewing life ie that I am an individual person living in the world, that as a person I could think and was in control of my life, at least to some degree and legally I am held responsible. If something went wrong it most probably was my fault. Once I came into contact with non-duality (which isn't a religion or even a set of beliefs) things started to change. All the years of seeking and understanding how the mind works and what was right or wrong with relationships went out the window. It seemed important at the time but once it was clearly seen that what I am is pure awareness (keep asking the question "who am I" really) and that everything else appears in that awareness. Then it is also clearly seen that there is no one here doing the seeking and no individual. So it means that there is no one to be an individual with choices or to make mistakes. The 'me' was an illusion - just a lifetime of being conditioned to put together memories seen from a human animal point of view. The mind created an apparent individual. When this is seen then the seeking ends and peace follows.

I'm thankful to all the 'people' who stood up to be counted, either talking, puting out books, CD's etc. and the trouble it takes to have a web site.



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