Thursday, February 23, 2006


Do we really think? Certainly thinking happens but are we creating those thoughts or are thoughts simply appearing in awarenes. For most people the cultural belief is that they are thinking and that we have been taught to think, and so it goes unexamined. When we meditate or closely observe the activities of the mind it becomes seen that there is, what seems like, a constant stream of thoughts. Scientists say something like sixty thousand thought a day are the norm - seemingly without a break. They just keep coming even when we want some relief from them. Occasionally it can be seen that when the mind goes blank that we can't actually generate a thought either. We just need to wait for the next one to arrive - which it does. If we were in control of our thoughts why would we ever have an unpleasant or depressing one. If we are responsible for having thoughts then on what basis do we choose them? How do we decide what we want to think about next. We can't think about it because that in itself would be a thought and how would we decide to think about having a thought? No. Thoughts appear, as can be observed. We are aware of them and we make sence of them.


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