Sunday, March 26, 2006

Simplicity & clarity.

As long as you live from the perspective of 'me' then you will perceive yourself as living in the world and will be seemingly subject to the laws of duality - of cause and effect. With enlightenment you no longer perceive yourself as living in the world but you understand that the world exists in you. While you perceive from the 'me' and through the mind then questions, doubts, argument, philosophy will prevail along with complexity and confusion and the search for meaning. After enlightnment you no longer perceive yourself through the mind but see that the mind exist in you. As such the mind is still a tool to be used but it is not your identity, who you are. From this new perspective questions and doubts about the nature of reality dissolve and there is immense simplicity and clarity. Education and knowledge give the belief that you know something and blinds you to your true nature.


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