Thursday, March 30, 2006

Don't delay.

Wishing or enlightenment actually delays it. Expecting anything to happen in the future means you're in time and mind and mind can never know the nothing that contains mind. Mind is just another object appearing in space-like awareness. So mind cannot understand the awareness that it appears in - in the same way that my car cannot understand the factory and people who work in the factory who built the car. The trick is not to wait for enlightenment somewhere in the future but to recognise your true nature here and now, this very moment. As advaita points out anything that will appear in the future will one day also disappear and if it's not here now then it has no independent reality - is not real. And the one thing that is real and cannot be argued against is your own existence.

The search is for the self, and the self is the awareness that everything appears in, but the self already is. It already is what it is, there is no need to search for it - you already are what you are - I AM. Searching for it doesn't make sense - except to the mind. The search for the understanding of what it is however, may be what the search is for.


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