Monday, March 27, 2006

Paradigm shift.

Is enlightnment an event or not? Some say yes and some no. For me there was a time, and for many years I might add, when I suffered as a seeker and although later on I could see that I am awareness and generally understood much of what Advaita said I also knew the point of no return hadn't occured. Then the day came when it intuitively hit me and was most obvious that I AM is awareness. From there on the whole paradigm shifted and for me that was the moment of enlightenment and in this description I would call it an event. Before then I thought of myself, as most people do, as a person who was aware. After then, and now, I see myself as pure subjective awareness in which everything - thought's, memories, feelings, this body and the world appear. The one thing that doesn't show up is the 'me'. There is no me and never was. That was the fiction - the ghost in the machine. That is the marker for enlightnment or self realization. The whole landscape changes even though the appearances are the same the chopping wood and carting water thing.


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