Thursday, March 30, 2006


Culture and the new age movement has spawned the idea that perfection is something we work towards. But you are perfect right now - you are perfectly you and I am perfectly me. I am exactly the way I should be - warts & all (as they say). Perfection usually conjures up, at least unconsciously, some model of what we should aspire to. In the new age movement it may well be enlightenment - perhaps a balance of the body/mind energies. BUT, the model of perfection is a future goal and a future goal is in time and therefore is in mind and as such will never achieve enlightenment. Perfection is acknowledging that you are exactly what you are supposed to be right here, right now and not to compare yourself with somebody else. How can you compare two unique individuals - one is no better than the other, they are just different. You can't say that you are better than me or I am better than you although you can say that you are better at golf than me. The body/mind organism is functioning exactly as it is programmed to function - exactly as nature intended. That's my definition of perfection.


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