Friday, August 18, 2006

The constantly changing nature of life.

To every cause there is an effect, or as Newton stated in his third law of motion "action and reaction are equal and opposite".

Old science used to believe that, say, if a ball bounces back and forth in an enclosed space and we ignore the effects of gravity and friction so it continues indefinitely, that the balls' location can be predicted, that it can be known exactly where it will be at any time - it's path can be tracked mathematically. But quantum theory says the balls' motion and location cannot be predicted. It can only be reliably stated that the ball will be in one half for fifty percent of the time and in the other half for fifty percent of the time. It's only when the observer becomes involved in the experiment that the location can be determined. I'm finding this to be a more accurate expression of life. Life constantly changes and is not predictable - other than to say it will constantly change. Then the change is in danger of becoming a constant so things stay the say for a while - just for a change. Life couldn't be the same or be in a constant change or it would mean it was rigid in some way and life cannot be rigid. It's very nature is change.


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