Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All there is is everything.

All there is is everything. And that everything is in a continuous, seemless change. This manifestation is dualistic by it's very nature. Nothing exists without it's opposite, or at least a contrast. Animals hunt when hungry and sleep when tired and not according to the clock. They don't have the concepts of duality. Humans, on the other hand, have an intellect. Their intellect is capable of producing concepts and to understand duality. With seeking and learning about Advaita and non-duality there is the suggestiong that duality is the problem however it's not. The problem occures where the intellect has developed a 'me', or a belief in a me. Because the me, or the mind sees duality but chooses to identify with one half and rejects the other half. For most people there is no questioning in the dualistic nature of existence - they merely choose the better half of being right/wrong or good/bad and that choicless choice on their part maintains the dualistic swing of the mind and their involvement in it.


At 11:54 PM, Blogger Faraz Ahmed said...

I have been a seeker for a long time. And reading non duality has certainly changed my outlook, but still there is this urge to get what all of you are talking about . I am just not getting it.
I want to be done with it and rest in the beingness that i am.

But no, this is just not happening i keep going on with the stories in my mind.

I know that there is certainly no one to go free and the person who wants to be free is actually not there. But, i still feel like i am a person. I still feel the urge to earn money and make a living. But then I think that--- who wants to make money? Certainly the person who wants to make money is not actually there, and this is more of the mind and its stories.

Although there is a lot of difference in me and my view of life has completely changed. Still, few things remain the same.

I dont want to continue with this anymore. I want to be free of all these things, of all the worries. I am just going crazy seeing that how near it is yet how far it seems.
could you help me see it.



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