Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Surrender is needed. Without surrender the ego is in full flight. Even during it's quiet time it is still the ego believing it's in control. As long as the ego believes it's in control there is no surrender because it's not for the ego to surrender but that it is that surrender happens, impersonally. As long as we think that we have to surrender then it is ego believing it's in control and believing that surrender can be achieved. It takes the degree of surrender that happens with the awareness of the possibility that enlightenment may never happen to this person and to accept it without a fight.


At 1:21 AM, Blogger Rob said...

Hi Roy,

Who is there to surrender? There is no person. There is seeing of a person. When is understood that you are that seeing/hearing/sensing/smelling...or Awareness then the Ego, the thinking, the emotions are mere objects of awareness. They can't act on their own.

You can't do anything, for the only you is Awareness, and that is the only 'thing' that you can't ever see. It is no-thing, and no-thing can't do anything. All that is seen is just happening. No-one surrenders.



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