Friday, June 23, 2006

The 'me' is an assumption only.

The 'me' is an assumption, an identity, a belief without substance. On close inspection it weakens and starts to collapse. The moment of realization of our true self, ie that we are awareness and not any of the objects appearing in awareness brings about enlightenment. Dispite the minds ideas, enlightenment is not the final, fixed state of bliss since that would be stagnation. No, understanding continues to evolve. Advaita is a system of pointers that talks about non-duality and brings about the intuitive apperception that I am awareness. It brings about the end of the journey of separation. But saying that I am awareness and not the content of awareness is dualistic and separating in itself. This understanding evolves until it is seen that even the contents of awareness are also made of awareness - non-duality. The fragmenting mind settles down and puts less effort into separating, catagorising and labelling and it is more frequently seen that any dualistic labels, up/down, day/night etc. are merely labels and have no connection with reality. It is the dividing mind that says day or night when in fact there is no demarcating point between them. It is one seemless continuum. The ever changing face of existence. There is no need for the label day or night except in language. Life can now be enjoyed for what it is without the ever present dividing mind labelling, judging, comparing and choosing. This continual mental activity brings anguish and suffering.


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