Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dividing the indivisible.

If you divide the indivisible into three. Firstly the body/mind, which is uniquely programmed for homeostasis - balance & survival, that is if it's hungry it seeks food, thirsty it seeks water and tired then it seeks to recharge with sleep. Secondly there is awareness that reflects the perceptions of the body/mind and thirdly a 'me'. Is there a need for the third party, a 'me' and what is it's purpose? The question is who, or what am I. If I am the body/mind then I'm just a lump of meat - an object, essentially no different from any other animal. If I am the 'me' that we generally believe ourselves to be what is it's purpose? Why would the 'me' want to interfere with a body/mind that is programmed to look after itself and survive? Or thirdly am I the awareness that reflects everything - that witnesses everything that the nervous system produces. The great masters tell us that we are pure awareness. Then if we are awareness who is the 'me'? Close scrutiny will eventually show that there is a body/mind that produces perceptions that are witnessed by awareness and no 'me'. The idea of a me only clouds and confuses the issue. When we believe in the me life seems complicated. With self realization it becomes perfectly clear and simple. I am awareness percieving through this human.


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