Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The balanced duality.

We live in duality and it is the nature of the mind to cling to one aspect of the duality and to reject the other half. The mind will then tend to believe in it's chosen half exclusively. It's this exclusivity that causes arguments, fights and wars. The personal identity comes from believing in one half of each of the myriad of concepts in duality. Balance is restored when we start to learn that duality is inherent in lifes system and needed for everything to exist then we see that neither half of day/night nor up/down is better than the other, that they are simply opposites and different. Once this is seen we slip up a cog, as it were, and we simply see the balanced world of duality of existence on the one hand while on the other we see the everything/nothing of the whole manifestation. Enlightenment is the release from the world of duality and conflict into the understanding of a higher level of everything/nothing without losing the worldly view that is dualistic.


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