Friday, August 18, 2006

Man and 'his' environment.

Man doesn't live 'in' the environment as in 'man and his environment'. He is part of the environment and continuous with it. We are permantly surrounded with air and can't live without it. The gases are around us, in the lungs and in the blood stream and become part of the body. Water is outside and inside, making up most of the body and in a constant exchange. Food is taken in, digested and becoming part of the body or being discarded as waste. White blood cells are replaced about every eighty eight days, red cells about every one hundred and six days while bone is completely replaced every eleven years. This body is not the one that existed a dozen years ago - every part of it has changed.

There is no separations between man and his evnirenment but as gas is generally invisible it appears that the body is independant and to maintain this illusion we conveniently ignore the other points.


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