Thursday, July 24, 2008

The sudden self realization.

This is an expression of the sudden insight (self realization) from Randall Friend (


Another "revelation" to share:

So this present awareness is IT, it is what the big deal is all about.
The pure SEEING, before thoughts, identification, labeling, judgements
occur. Those occur IN TIME, AFTER the PURE SEEING. I AM that PURE
SEEING. Present awareness means pure unqualified awareness RIGHT NOW, in
this "moment". A "moment" is only a concept because thoughts and memories
of a previous "moment" must arise in order to feel a sense of continuity
of moments.

We identify with the thoughts, think they are what's doing things. But
how could they? A thought can't see, can't hear, can't lift an arm or
leg. The same intelligent energy that grows a tree from an acorn or
creates a living cell or organism is doing that. "I" am just the witness
of all these "happenings". Just pure present awareness. The suffering is
all in thought and the body's reaction to that thought. Pure present
awareness witnesses these "happenings", good or bad, without ever
changing, without ever being involved. The "good or bad" is added on
later, in thought.

I am JUST that pure awareness - the rest (body, thoughts, memories,
history, life situation) is all an appearance in this awareness. These
all change - the undifferentiated, unqualified PRESENT awareness does not
and has not EVER changed. Even TIME is a concept - the passing of time is
a sense that arises. This PRESENT moment in awareness is the unchanging
ground for all that arises and the appearance of time is in the mind.

Wow - seems many things have come together in some level of
understanding. There is not a dropping away of the separate-self sense,
in fact it's seen as not a problem. The present awareness is PRIOR to
that sense. This "revelation" seemingly came up after reading and the
entire body shook and the breath was short for a while, almost as if
excited or afraid.

It seems nothing more can be said at the moment without moving away from


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