Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm b-a-c-k.

Some frustrating times - oh yes, being self realized doesn't stop emotions. The human is designed to feel the whole gambit of bodily sensations/experiences/emotions etc that it's programmed to. This doesn't stop, although the experience is modified considerably from the old 'suffering' (finger on the pause button of life) experiencing to a freewheeling, witnessing view of life as it unfolds. What you are is not the one experiencing or the experience but the omnipresent awareness of the perception of the experiences.

Back to the frustrations. Firstly the website became, in a word, "stuffed". A new one was built by a kind friend and as soon as that was in place the computer motherboard got 'fried'. Finaly we're back to normal but with a heap of changes yet to be made or added. The frustrations were from being out of contact - I've discovered I'm bionic!


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