Sunday, September 24, 2006

The bottom line.

The bottom line is there is either subject or object, nothing else.

Everything we know, the world, this human, cars, trees, thoughts, memories, experiences are all objects.

What has to be recognized is that you are the subject and subject is not an object and so cannot be found - who is to find it? There is nothing to be found - it doesn't exist - it's a no-thing. If it were a something it would be an object and objects by their very nature are limited. They appear here, not over there. They have dimension or definition, and this locates them to one place or understanding.

Subject is aware of all objects, of all your thoughts, memories, experiences, dreams.

To just read this may not be enough. There is a danger of it becoming just more information - more accumulated knowledge, more objects.

What is needed is a closer look, a closer look at all the things we have grown up believing without question, what we have assumed ourselves to be. We need to question what we think constitutes an object and what is the subject, exactly. One of the assumed aspects of the subject is a 'me'. In fact, on close inspection, there is no me. There is subject of object and no third party in charge, no me overseeing events. The 'me' is another object that we have identified with.

After realization the 'me' doesn't actually disappear, but it does cease to be an exclusive point of view - an identity. It becomes included as a point of view for communication purposes. The 'me' is an illusion, but so is the appearance of water on a hot road. We understand the shimmering to be light affected by the heat rising off the road, and it continues. In the same way we come to realize that the me is an illusion but it still has it's job to do in language. Instead of identifying with the me we see it to be yet another object appearing to the subject.

The mind creates a lot of ideas of what it thinks life is like after realization. It's the job of the mind to seek solutions to problems, and in everyday life it does this, but when it comes to the search for the self it is out of it's depth. The mind can't contain awareness as awareness contains the mind - the mind is another object appearing in awareness, another object witnessed by awareness.

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