Thursday, January 17, 2008

Overcoming the fear to asking a question.

When do we ask a question?

How many times do we read websites as we search for meaning?

We are on a quest - looking for something. We are questioning but what about a specific question, our question?

I found, in my own experience, that I usually didn't have a pressing question, at least not one that I was aware of. I was just looking for more understanding. At other times I was of the opinion that my question might be seen as not intelligent enough or to sound silly - not cleaver enough for the teacher - that they knew far more than me; that they are somehow more advanced than me. There was, after all, the evidence that there were always other seekers who had 'hung around' the teacher/guru far longer and they still didn't 'get it' so this enlightenment thing must be really difficult. I was too concerned with my inadequacy to ask a question in front of an audience; would they laugh at me? At other's I didn't want to bother the website author - they have far more important things to deal with than me, I thought.

Later on there did become specific issues/questions that stood in the way. Blocks to my understanding came into focus. I recognised they had to be answered or I might stay stuck at that point. There became an urgency to know - to get the whole searching thing over with. It was this desperation, this absolute need to get donewith this search that started me posting questions.

I was told a story about a dog in the desert, and there was a lake. The dog was thirsty and went to the water's edge for a drink, but as it did so it saw it's reflection - there was another dog! It became frightened it barked and ran away. Later on in the day this happened again but the sun got hotter. It was not until the thirst was greater than the fear that the dog was able to pluck up the courage to run and jump straight into the water, and the reflection - the other dog, was gone.

This is how it often is with us seekers too. The mind is good at creating fear, and it holds us back.

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